Boost Your Brand Identity Using Lifestyle Marketing Images And My Secret To Snapshots

A simple technique to take candid lifestyle photos of yourself without using an unreliable self-timer or friend to snap a camera.

Using THIS has made the biggest difference in my conversions...

There are several ways to market your business but the ONE VISUAL factor that has made the biggest difference is using my own face.

Yes… what I will shout over and over again is your social media marketing should include your face.

But why is that such a crucial piece of the marketing puzzle?

I mean why can’t a killer logo, graphic, and brand palette alone do the trick?

The answer is really simple… putting your face front and center of your brand allows you to form a strong human connection with your niche audience. It shows a heartbeat and real human behind your content.

And in my experience… using my face in my visuals and my story in my copywriting deepens connections and boosts conversions more than any other strategy.

Showing your face as your brand gives you an identity. And don’t get me wrong - I’m a creative girl and I love logos and brand palettes - and YES! those should be used to identify you, but without a face, your identity can appear a bit impersonal and even cold to your audience.

And truthfully, your audience isn’t going to connect with a logo or stock image in the same way they connect with your face … which we hope is friendly and relatable.

Inside this Lifestyle Headshots for Amateurs Video Tutorial - I teach you how to use props, your phone, Canva for desktop editing software, and a little creativity to create endless photos for all your online marketing needs.

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Lifestyle Headshots For Amateurs Video Tutorial

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